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 A selection of hand painted gifts, whisky barrel staves and clocks, hand painted jewellery, vegan suede cushion covers and Christmas decorations individually hand made in a decorative and unique style.

SEE BELOW for some WHISKY BARREL CASK LIDS individually hand painted - contact me for further details on purchase or commission

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Gifts, Barrel Art & Xmas!

Brown Highlander on Cask Lid

Whisky Cask Lids!  

Avenir Light In 


Hand painted whisky cask lids!  Locally sourced and repurposed lids from Aberdeenshire distilleries painted with a variety of animal and wildlife designs and varnished for indoor use.  Sizes 21 - 24".  All my designs are for sale or can be painted for you, prices range from £190.00 

I also welcome your own commission ideas.  For pet portraits on cask lids visit my pet portrait page or simply get in touch!

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