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I am a self taught artist and tassel maker living in rural Aberdeenshire. I offer fine art prints and originals, greeting cards and unique individually hand painted gifts. I also hand paint whisky barrel staves and cask lids with wildlife of all kinds and delighted to accept pet portrait and other commissions.


I adore wildlife, animals and the natural environment. ​A decorative painter for over 25 years, producing personalised and heirloom pieces for the home and garden, more recently using the detailed brush skills mastered from my decorative work to produce my wildlife and animal fine art which still retains a distinctive decorative twist! 

I run classes in decorative painting and tassel making and attend local craft fairs and events.  I also run the Huntly & District Swift Group which addresses the steep decline in Common Swift numbers across the North East of Scotland area. 

Hare Cushion.JPG

Colourworx Art offers a range of hand painted decorative gift items which can be personalised.  I  welcome your ideas and am more than happy to discuss any suggestions you might have for a special one-off piece.  

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